What harm does long-term use mouse have?

What harm does long-term use mouse have?

Office workers often put documents, telephone, water cup on the right side of the convenient to reach the place, little imagine, so easy to let you suffer from “mouse hand”.
The patient gets sick penitence finger is numbness, then is palmar, wrist, forearm is aching, serious person can wrist is feeble, palm muscle atrophic wait.

1, long-term use of the mouse, repeated wrist action, will cause the strain of the tendon in the carpal tunnel thickened, the carpal tunnel space narrowed.

Long-term use of computer keyboards and mice can be linked to a condition called wrist syndrome, where pain and numbness in the index or middle finger and weakness in the thumb muscles can lead to nerve damage and atrophy of the hand muscles.

What harm does long-term use mouse have?

  1. Typing on the keyboard or moving the mouse repeatedly every day can lead to long-term, intensive, repetitive and excessive activity of the wrist joints, resulting in injury or compression of the peripheral nerves, blocking the nerve conduction and resulting in the disturbance of the sensation and movement of the palm.

4, elbow is often lower than the wrist, and the hand is raised high, nerves and tendons are often compressed, the hand will begin to numb, fingers lose flexibility, often wrist pain.

  1. Frequent exertion of the fingers will also damage the nerves and muscles of the hands and related parts due to excessive fatigue, resulting in a series of symptoms such as numbness due to ischemia and hypoxia.
  2. A Japanese Internet user found that the tail knuckles of the hand holding the mobile phone and mouse were deformed. He put the finger graph PO online and immediately went crazy, because everyone looked at his tail finger and said that it was also deformed, which is also caused by long-term use of mobile phone or computer mouse.

How to use the mouse just can’t mouse hand?

  1. When using the mouse, use the “mouse wrist pad” to pad the wrist.

2, when using the mouse, the arm is not suspended, in order to reduce the pressure of the wrist, do not move the mouse with wrist force and try to rely on the arm force, reduce the wrist force.

3, when using a computer, the height of the keyboard and mouse on the computer table, it is best to be lower than the height of the elbow when sitting, so as to reduce the damage to the wrist and other parts of the operation of the computer.

4, try to avoid the upper limbs in a long time in a fixed, mechanical and frequent working state, when using the mouse or typing, every hour of work to get up to move the limbs, do some clenched fists and other relaxing finger movements.

5, do not hit the keys of the keyboard and mouse too hard, easy and moderate force is better.

6, the mouse had better choose radian, wide contact surface.

7, when using the mouse, should avoid the wrist in a long-term bending posture, should be placed wrist pad, supporting the muscles below the palm, but not the wrist position.

8, the mouse should be placed nearby, and keep the wrist straight, avoid the forearm excessive extension.
If the mouse movement space is too narrow, the wrist will be compressed, can not relax.

What harm does long-term use mouse have?

9, tidy up the desk, give the mouse a free space to move.
The desktop of a lot of offices is piled up with file, the space that mouse moves is contracted in one horn, the hand cannot control mouse with a nature and the position that does not press, together with forefinger, middle finger wants often repeatedly to press mouse, make wrist tendon strain easily.

  1. It’s best to do some stretching exercises to help strengthen the wrist muscles and ligaments.

Straighten the right hand, palm outward, downward and forearm into a 90 degree Angle, maintain 10-20 seconds, the left hand repeat the same movement, do 10 times a day.

Straighten the arm, palm inward repeat 1 movement, maintain 10-20 seconds, do 10 times a day.

(3) with the help of the left hand, gently turn the right wrist inward, keep the action for 10 seconds, and then repeat the same action outward, keep for 10 seconds.

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