The best way to burn fat, when these three! Let your body fat go straight down

There are many ways to lose fat.
Basketball, soccer, swimming, and fitness are all great ways to get your body fat rate down. As long as you burn the calories > consumes, your fat will be burned off.
But each person’s sports preference is different, the movement goal is different, to the body request is different (the boy wants the belly to change eight abdominal muscles, the girl wants the vest line), the movement way that takes also has the difference.
So, want to reduce fat to train a way to have a lot of, control diet is the key that reduces body fat rate.

In addition, in reducing fat process, a lot of people have an error — practice where, thin where!

In fact, it is not like this, local movement can not achieve the effect of local fat loss.

Fat storage is genetically determined, and the main storage sites for fat in humans are the waist, abdomen, legs and hips.
Belly fat, waist fat, and hip fat are usually the last to go, no matter where you practice.
Accordingly, when motion USES a few big muscle group more action, for example deep crouch, pull up, push up, burn more quantity of heat ability can quicken the speed that reduces adipose, integral adipose dropped, lower abdomen nature is flat.

Three effective ways to reduce body fat rate

  1. Diet control oil

Fat-forming nutrients come from high-carbohydrate and high-fat diets.
The more carbohydrates we eat, such as high-sugar, high-starch refined pastries and snacks, the higher our blood sugar, the more insulin we have, and the more fat our bodies store.
Therefore, to reduce the body fat rate, first of all to control the intake of fat in the diet.
In addition to eating less high sugar, high fat food, food cooking methods try to use the way of cooking, less Fried or Fried.

  1. Aerobic exercise burns fat

Aerobic exercise has always been the most effective way for people to lose weight, aerobic exercise can mobilize the muscles of the body to participate in activities, and the process of oxidation in the consumption of a large number of body fat.
It follows scientific thin body principle, for example average person jogs a minute to burn 15 kilocaloric or so quantity of heat, if jogged every day 30 minutes, can reduce a kilogram a week below the circumstance that does not change in diet.
In all sorts of aerobic exercise, want to count swim, run, ride a bicycle, skip rope method is simple and eliminate fat much.
Want to reduce body fat rate, want to carry on aerobic exercise reasonably according to oneself body condition.

Strength training

Why mention strength training again?
Because strength training is essential for perfect weight loss, strength training increases your muscle mass and increases your basal metabolism.
Only if your basal metabolism goes up can you burn fat without moving.

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