How long does aerobic exercise last?

Anyone who is used to doing aerobic exercise knows that “aerobic exercise” must last more than 20 minutes to be effective.
But why “20 minutes”?
Japan’s well-known fitness trainer that the body’s energy comes from fat and sugar (carbohydrates), when exercise will first consume a lot of sugar, and then slowly began to burn fat, and “20 minutes” is the body into a lot of burning fat time point.

In addition, when doing aerobic exercise, left and right burning fat status is not time, but “load.”
Heavy (wheezing) aerobic exercise, mainly to burn sugar, small (slightly faster breathing rate, can also talk to others) aerobic exercise, is to burn fat.

10 minutes of aerobic exercise has a fat-burning effect

Suggest, want to do 10 minutes only aerobic exercise, can achieve the effect that burns fat.
Even after exercising for 5 minutes, take a break and then exercise for 5 minutes, you can still achieve the effect of exercising for 10 minutes.

As to do what kind of aerobic exercise just has reduce fat effect?
In his book, “lower body, determine the rest of your life,” Hugh argues that high-efficiency aerobic exercise is a “brisk walk,” which requires only a slight change in the way you walk to achieve a more effective oil-slapping effect than running.

7 to 8 kilometers per hour is the easiest running speed

Why “walk” instead of “run”?
Originally, “walk” and “run” the speed limit is 8 kilometers.
Take the treadmill as an example. If you start from 5 km/h and slowly increase the speed, there is no problem at the beginning, but when the speed exceeds 7 km/h, you will find that this is the limit of walking and running is relatively easy.

Every time a beginner asks me about the speed of running, my answer is “7 ~ 8 km/h”.
Although it varies from person to person, this is basically the most stress-free, light-hearted pace you can run at.

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