Fruit reduces weight law to lose weight 10 catty in January, but why did I gain weight again?

Before you know it, 2019 will soon be over.
At the end of the year, you are crazy impact of livestock KPI, and a lot of weight loss partners worry that this year did not lose a few pounds of fat or even become round.
In December, when heating in the north relies on heating, and heating in the south relies on shaking, many friends who lose weight choose to continue to work hard.

At this time, the fruit reduces weight law to break into their world, eat fruit to reduce weight to lose weight in January 10 catties.
As tempting as it sounds, they lost 10kg in January by eating fruit alone, but many of their friends said they gained weight instead of losing weight.
What is wrong exactly, is not the fruit to reduce weight law again a pit?

Fruit reduces weight law, do not count on actually

For fruit, we have a very incorrect perception.
A lot of people think fruit does not have salt to have oil, candy is little, regard fruit as substitute meal, eat fruit to reduce weight fast again good.
Most people eat fruit to reduce weight, 1 month thin 10 catties, but also easy to become fat become poor.

Fruit is not low in sugar

Many fruits contain a lot of sugar and are easy to digest and absorb sugar, calories are far from low.
For example, two fist-sized apples contain roughly the same amount of energy as two servings of rice.
We compared the sugar content and calories of fruit with the fat man’s favorite happy water.

Contrast figure
Two bananas contain more sugar and calories than a can of happy fat house water, it is conceivable that the fruit with more sugar content is easy to eat fat.

Other people say that fruit does not taste sweet, sugar must be less.
The fact that it doesn’t taste sweet only proves that the fruit is low in fructose, but it also contains carbohydrates like starch.
After intake, sugar can be produced in the human body, excessive intake is likely to lead to obesity.

Eat fruit to reduce weight only, nutrition is not balanced

The fruit diet is not good for you.
Fruit mainly contains vitamins, fiber, calcium magnesium potassium and other minerals.
The body needs many nutrients, including fat and protein, especially protein.
Most fruits contain too little fat and protein to meet the body’s needs.
Intake of nutrients is too simple, easy to cause nutrition imbalance.

Fruit is less full and easier to eat

Fruit contains fructose, which does not induce the body to produce insulin and leptin, indirectly leading to poor satiety.
Fruit itself is also easier to absorb, some fruit will also stimulate people’s food.
Think of eating arbutus, really eat more hungry, I wish to eat the last two bowls of rice.
Poor satiety, stimulation of appetite, and the need to eat more food (fruit).

Fruit is too expensive to eat

This year, for the first time, you know a word: fruit free.
The price of fruit has risen so painfully this year that many “slum” boys and girls can’t even afford to eat fruit.

“Fruit aristocracy” cherry 100 catties, apple, pear parity fruit prices are also high.
Eating fruit has become an old problem, not to mention eating fruit to lose weight, not to mention eating fruit to lose weight is not reliable.

The fruit diet is essentially a diet.
The best way to lose weight is to stop talking and move your legs.
It is well known that dieting is bad for the body.

Fruit weight loss is unreliable, friends do not take shortcuts.

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